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6. Starting a check

Now that you have uploaded files to your check, it's time to start running checks on them.

Endpoint for starting checks

Final Step: Running the check

By default all checks will run Peer check, meaning that two files are required to start checking. Once you have uploaded more than 2 files you can also run additional tests on the submissions, such as database and web check. We encourage reading more about the different test types.

When sending the request, we will need to send the check_id to start:

check_id - The id of the check you wish to start

You can also optionally run additional checks by sending:

dbcheck = 1 If you would like to run the database check
webcheck = 1 If you would like to run the web check

				curl -X POST \
  '' \
    -H 'apikey:  YOUR_API_KEY_HERE '
cURL Command
Sample Response (JSON Object)

Notice that there is now a job_id assosiated with the check. This can be used to listen in realtime to the checking progress through SocketIO (documentation on this will be written soon).

    "check": {
        "id": 2000,
        "name": "Java",
        "created_at": "2019-05-31 15:54:15",
        "updated_at": "2019-05-31 16:02:29",
        "status_id": 6,
        "job_id": 8860
    "status": "Checking in progress",
    "dbcheck": false,
    "webcheck": true,
    "submission_count": 3,
    "dashURL": ""
JSON Array
Error Format Response (422 error)
    "error": "Invalid check_id provided"
JSON Array

What's next

For optimal understanding of API usage, we recommend following this guide.

The API documentation is still actively being written, some information may be missing.
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