Code Plagiarism & Similarity API

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API Demonstration

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1. Introduction

Check source code submissions for local similarity and potential plagiarism through external matches found on the web or in other public databases. Check files remotely using our API and obtain results, files, similarity scores, external matches, matched snippets and highlights, composition statistics, and more. We are constantly making improvements and additions to our checking engine to output consistent and robust metrics for source code analysis.

Retrieving your API Key

Before starting anything related to the API, you need to first identify the API Key associated with your account.

Sign in to your account and navigate to your account menu on the top right of your dashboard. Click the dropdown with your name on it, then click "API Access". By default all accounts start without an API key. Click the "Enable" button to generate your key. You should now be able to copy the 64 character key in the textbox.

What's next

For optimal understanding of API usage, we recommend following this guide.

Check against millions of sources on the web and compare similarities between local files with Codequiry API
Our Mission

Codequiry aims to achieve an equally fair environment for fields relating to computer science by preventing the use of unoriginal code. The first step to preserving academic integrity and original source code starts here.


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