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10. Get Remote File

This function will allow you to retrieve the matched remote file.

Endpoint for remote file retrieval

Getting result data for a submission

To retrieve the remote file match you will need to get the location and source fields from part [9. Detailed Results] if it is a web match you will be able to retrieve the location and source when you call /check/results you will then use those two fields to search for the file content in the database.

When sending the request, we will need to send the following:

location - Location field from the submission
source - Source field from the submission

				curl -X POST \
  '' \
    -H 'apikey:  YOUR_API_KEY_HERE '
cURL Command
Sample Response (JSON Array)
    "file": {
        "id": 754614,
        "filedir": "gh/",
        "content": "\npackage cits3001_2021;\n\nimport java.util.*;\n\n/**\n * A Java class for an agent to play in Resistance.\n * @author  Tim French\n * **/\n\n\npublic class RandomAgent implements Agent{\n\n  private String name;\n  private Random random;\n  private static int agentCount;\n  private int players;//number of players\n\n\n  /**\n   *Creates a random agent with the given name\n   *@param  name, the name given to the agent and used on the scoreboard.\n   **/\n  public RandomAgent(String name){\n    random = new Random();\n = name;\n  }\n\n  /**\n   * returns an instance of this agent for testing.\n   * The progam should allocate the agent's name, \n   * and can use a counter to ensure no two agents have the same name.\n   * @return  an instance of the agent.\n   * **/\n  public static Agent init(){\n    switch(agentCount++){\n      case 0: return new RandomAgent(\"Rando-the-1st\");\n      case 1: return new RandomAgent(\"Rando-the 2nd\");\n      case 2: return new RandomAgent(\"Rando-the-3rd\");\n      default: return new RandomAgent(\"Rando-the-\"+agentCount+\"th\");\n    }\n  }\n\n  /**\n   * gets the name of the agent\n   * @return  the agent's name.\n   * **/\n  public String getName(){return name;}\n\n  /**\n   * Initialises a new game. \n   * The agent should drop their current gameState and reinitialise all their game variables.\n   * @param  numPlayers the number of players in the game.\n   * @param  playerIndex the players index in the game.\n   * @param  spies, the index of all the spies in the game, if this agent is a spy (i.e. playerIndex is an element of spies)\n   * **/\n  public void newGame(int numPlayers, int playerIndex, int[] spies){\n    players = numPlayers;\n  }\n      \n  /**\n   * This method is called when the agent is required to lead (propose) a mission\n   * @param  teamSize the number of agents to go on the mission\n   * @param  failsRequired the number of agent fails required for the mission to fail\n   * @return  an array of player indexes, the proposed mission.\n   * **/\n  public int[] proposeMission(int teamSize, int failsRequired){\n    int[] team = new int[teamSize];\n    boolean[] in = new boolean[players];",
        "language_id": 1,
        "filename": "",
        "location": "cits3001_2021/",
        "source": ""
JSON Array
Error Format Response (422 error)
    "error": "Could not find file or file has expired"
JSON Array

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