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Computer science has advanced over the past years and still has the potential for continuous growth. This aspect has resulted in the complexity in both coding systems and the manner in which computer science instructors’ grade coding projects. Grading coding projects can be an extremely labor-intensive procedure and can be worse if the educator still uses old processes such as copy-pasting the learners' code into their programs, emailing in submissions as well as printing and issuing out the submissions. The manual grading system for computer science assignments is way too tedious and challenging. Thus, this paper seeks to give more insights into the aspect of computer science auto graders and their solution for the old manual computer science grading procedures.

Challenges of Using Manual Grading Systems

The manual grading system is usually monotonous and tiresome. This aspect can be attributed to the many physical requirements that are needed in inputting the grades as well as printing and issuing them. Manual systems generally require more physical input as compared to their automatic counterparts, hence may be tiresome to the educators(Sultan, M. A., Salazar, C., & Sumner, T. (2016, June). This may result in inaccuracy in some cases as the teacher may grow weary of both excess work and repetitive processes.

Manual grading systems are also a slow way of issuing grades as compared to automatic grading systems. This is a result of the individual input of each learner's grades and the use of human beings as the source of input. Human beings are apparently slower than computers and cannot keep up with the speed of automated systems. Computers are also more accurate since they act as commanded as compared to human beings whose accuracy can be affected by a lapse in memory or other emotional and physical aspects. The computerized grading system, therefore, yield more quality and value than manual computer science grading systems.

Auto grading Programming Solution Product (Codequiry)

Automatic code grading typically saves many hours on issuing grades of programming assignments. There are multiple types of code auto graders, and Codequiry is proposed to be one of the best. Codequiry has its own website where one can order and set up the auto grader for a java project or any other programming projects. This product also has an add-on pricing which can be subscribed on a monthly or annual basis. Codequiry has a seamless combination with a plagiarism checker; hence, an educator can check the uniqueness of an assignment and automatically issue the grades to the learner.

The Codequiry code auto grader is also fast and efficient in all aspects. The grading system takes a few minutes to set up as a result of its simple layout and ease of use. It additionally makes work easier by saving educators the time that they would have used in manual grading systems. All an educator is required is to set up the regulations of the coding assignments, and Codequiry will take care of the rest ("Automatic Code Grading Platform | Codequiry," 2019). The educator is saved from the work of organization, gathering, going through, and keying grades. The advantages seem to be endless as Codequiry also provides an instant response on code upgrading and some of the errors identified in an assignment. A computer science instructor can additionally quickly source grades by using export tools.

An educator can be assured of high quality and sincere accurate code grades if they use Codequiry. The primary mission of Codequiry is to reach an equally reasonable environment for disciplines relating to computer science by preventing the use of non-unique codes. Therefore, an educator should consider using Codequiry to preserve academic honesty and unique source codes. An auto grader computer code generated by Codequiry would be deemed to be more accurate and unique in comparison to the one that has manually checked by an educator.

In conclusion, automatic code grading is like the in thing in computer science and should be highly incorporated by educators. Some solution products have been developed to counter manual code grading systems, and Codequiry is regarded as one of the best. Some of the common challenges of the manual code grading system include tediousness, inaccuracy, and unoriginality. Codequiry offers a solution to these challenges since an educator can easily upload the files, and the auto grader will do the tough work.


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