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The world's most effective source code plagiarism checking solution.

Codequiry - Plagiarism Checker for Code

Check Source Code for Plagiarism

Find unoriginal code and software similarity with the most advanced plagiarism detection solution. Investigate potential copied code by highlighting similarities to billions of sources on the web or from submitted peers.

Smart algorithms

Codequiry looks beyond the cosmetics, finding similarities in logic patterns and unique style of code. Altering variables, whitespace, function names, comments, or many other cosmetic features will not affect overall similarity results. Our algorithm is constantly self-improving.

Results that matter

Codequiry was built around source code detection, this means the results you get are meaningful and reliable. Submissions undergo rigorous checks (more) to ensure that code submissions are original. Put a stop to code copying from peers or the web.

Extensive code checking

Codequiry compares code submissions both internally and externally. First, submissions are extensively checked against one another with our comprehensive peer to peer check. Then, submissions are checked against billions of sources of code on the web.

Advanced Language Compatibility

Codequiry works with over 20 programming languages such as Java, C, C++, Python, C#, Go, PHP, Perl, SQL, Assembly, Ruby, XML, VB, Lisp, Javascript, Typescript, HTML, Haskell, Pascal, Matlab, Plain Text, and more!

The results speak for themselves

Codequiry's results are extremely detailed and allow you investigate any suspicious cases of code plagiarism.

  • Check against over 20 billion public lines of code
  • Measuring of software similarity online
  • 2D Graph of student similarity by distance (see clusters of similar submissions)
  • Matched snippets with detailed viewer
  • Pie chart of sources used in code
  • Automatically recognizes base code
  • See matches from billions of sources on the web
  • Estimated confidence level of overall submission originality
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A solution just for detecting code plagiarism

Codequiry's plagiarism engine runs against both internal and external sources to detect all forms of unoriginal code. Codequiry was built with the advanced requirements for detecting source code similarity and plagiarism.

Peer Check (internal)

The most comprehensive test for checking similarity within a group of provided submissions. Compares the unique fingerprint of one code base to another, detecting logical similarites and instances of code similarity in a group of submissions.

Web Check (external)

A test for plagiarism that compares code to over 100 million sources of code from major public and private repositories, as well as over 2 billion instances of code on the web. See similarities and highlighted matches to external sources.

Check Code for Plagiarism and Similarity

Codequiry empowers educators by ensuring that students are learning and not just copying code.


Upload code and start checks

Specify the programming language, then drag and drop the submissions you wish to check plagiarism or similarity for. Run different types of tests: peer, database, or web check.

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Get back results in seconds

See realtime checking progress and get results back instantly when your checks are completed. Codequiry's average time from starting checks to getting results is 12 seconds.

Learn about the results

See detailed insights and results

An overview of similarity results will be available in the form of cluster graphs, match tables and histograms. Inspect individual code submissions in detail, with highlighted snippets of matches found in source code, and other useful insights.

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