Solutions for Code Similarity and Plagiarism

Codequiry's plagiarism detection service is used in various applications in ranging industries. Read more about the use-cases of code plagiarism detection.

Outsourced Code

Make sure your outsourced code has not been copied from the internet using Codequiry’s external web check. Many companies hire outsourced workers to write code, Codequiry allows ease in determining if that code could have been potentially stolen. Companies rely upon external code, but potentially implementing copyrighted code could expose the business or individual to legal liability.

Coding Interviews

Make sure your candidates are only submitting code that is completely authentic and not copied from other individuals. Codequiry allows for external checking of the candidates submission to help identify potential cheating individuals. Coding interviews are an important part of any vetting process, poor hiring mistakes can adversely affect company performance. Codequiry checking engine checks externally against billions of different types of sources, in a detailed and impactful manner to the person receiving the results.

Coding Contests

Avoid the issue of coding competitors submitting plagiarized code, using Codequiry you can detect copied code. Coding competitions depend upon maintaining the sanctity of the activity with code plagiarism tools. Codequiry API enables coding contest providers to integrate our powerful checker to verify that each candidate is submitting his own work. The high pressures of coding competition often motivates cross sharing and external web cheating in order to move along in a given competition.

Code Infringement Claims

Businesses have used Codequiry to check to see if any of the code inside could potentially infringe upon protected copyrighted code. By using Codequiry web checking engine, potential code infringement can be highlighted for further investigation. Use Codequiry Deep Check to certify your code base as copyright and license infringement free.

Teachers or Educators

With Codequiry, teachers and educators can quickly and effectively check code plagiarism without the hassle of complicated installation. Onboard large classrooms with Codequiry unique student frontend that allows educators to share a link for students to submit their code plagiarism samples. Codequiry was designed to efficiently allow educators to check between peer samples as well as matching with external web samples from 500 billion lines of code. Educators from around the world have used codequiry code plagiarism checking service in small and lecture hall like environments.


Students use to Codequiry to make sure that the code they submit is unique. Similar to how many english students use essay plagiarism software before an exam. Simple lines of code can be flagged as plagiarism so Codequiry allows students to better protect themselves against code plagiarism claims. The penalty for failing to comply with strict anti-code plagiarism rules in any university are severe. Therefore, codequiry code plagiarism checker represents an important step that any student submitting labs or assignments should use.

Our Mission

Codequiry aims to achieve an equally fair environment for fields relating to computer science by preventing the use of unoriginal code. The first step to preserving academic integrity and original source code starts here.


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