Code Plagiarism & Similarity API

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API Demonstration

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Limits/Restrictions on API Usage

Due to the resource intensive nature of Codequiry's code checking engine, certain restrictions and limits have been placed on the API to prevent abuse and server overload.

Since the API is a paid service, Codequiry is lenient when it comes to limiting on the API. We give customers maximum freedom with API usage. There are rules in place to counteract abuse, but it should not affect normal users. Simply, as long as you are not abusing the API, you have nothing to worry about.

Data Loading

If your account has an abnormal amount of data being stored or requested, it will be flagged for abuse inspection.

High Checking Volume

If you are frequently running high volume checks, your account may be downgraded to the low priority queue.

Failed Checks

Your account will be restricted for a certain amount of time if it has made frequent failed attempts at checking the same files.

Checking Cooldowns

If your account is running checks abnormally frequently, your account will be downgraded to the low priority queue and cooldowns will be placed between checking jobs.

Abuse Inspections

If there is any abnormal activity detected with your account, it will be subject to abuse inspection. This may lead to a temporary or permanent ban of the account.

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Our Mission

Codequiry aims to achieve an equally fair environment for fields relating to computer science by preventing the use of unoriginal code. The first step to preserving academic integrity and original source code starts here.


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