Code Plagiarism API BETA

Integrate your existing software or platform with Codequiry's source code plagiarism checker.

API Demonstration

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2. Authentication: Making our first request

Before using the endpoints to retrieve and send data, we will need to make sure that each request is being sent with the correct header information.

Base endpoint for all requests

First Request: Getting basic account information

You may use any tool to test the API, we recommend Postman (as it can convert snippets into your language of choice). However, for documentation purposes we will be showing requests by cURL.

Endpoint for retrieving account information
				curl -X POST \ \
  	-H 'Accept: */*' \
  	-H 'apikey:  YOUR_API_KEY_HERE ' 
cURL Command
Sample Response (JSON)
    "user": "Name",
    "email": "",
    "peer_checks_remaining": "unlimited",
    "pro_checks_remaining": 187,
    "submissions": 1318

What's next

For optimal understanding of API usage, we recommend following this guide.